Légende du Faix du Diable

Légende du Faix du Diable

Saint Remacle had just built his monastery at Stavelot when an angel warned him of impending danger: Satan, irritated by the apostle's success, and predicting that the abbey would be a cause of problems, he decided to put a stop to it. He set off for the monastery, carrying a sandstone boulder that he planned to drop on the church as Remacle and his monks were piously singing the praises of the Lord. The Saint understood that there was no time to lose. Collecting all the old sandals he could find in the cells, he filled a cowl and handed it to one of the monks. Then he gave him instructions and told him the route to take. On arrival in Wanne, a few leagues from Stavelot, the cunning messenger met Satan, carrying his sandstone mountain on his back. The evil one had just ascended a steep climb that has retained his name: le Thier du Diable (the Devil's Rock). His face was dripping with sweat, and his nostrils were puffing like a steam engine. As soon as he noticed the monk walking towards him and feigning exhaustion, he asked him if he was still a long way to Stavelot. The monk, adding actions to emphasise his words, emptied out the cowl onto the path, pointing to the pile of old sandals: “Judge for yourself”, he said. “They were all new when I set off”. Hearing these words, Satan, who was already finding the walk rather long, dropped his burden, cursing loudly. He had just lost his gold ring, and people say it is still there, jammed underneath le Faix du Diable.

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