Noufy stone

La Pierre Noufy

La pierre Noufy (or Noufi) is definitely one of the most remote rocks in the region. It rises to a height of 471 metres, isolated in the middle of nowhere in a forest that is still dark and impenetrable, between Les Villettes and Trou-de-Bra. Legend has it that a gold ring is buried beneath the rock and is growing all the time. Moreover, it confers great fertility on women who caress it. It is also said that in days gone by, witches held their Sabbaths here. But reaching it safe and sound is another matter ... It can be reached by using walks No. 13 (yellow rectangle - 14 km - walking from Trou-de-Bra) and No. 14 (blue rectangle - 5.5 km - walking from Villettes). However, the rock is not situated along the signposted walks, and is not visible from the trail. It is situated in a tiny clearing surrounded by spruce trees. You can just make out the small path leading to it.

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